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"The audience favourite was clearly the Cailleach. Her drunken shuffling and the omnipresent hip-flask caused the few laughs of the show, while Wutscher’s vocals, in the shift from storytelling on a single note to soaring melodies, provided some of the most beautiful moments of the show." The Glasgow Guardian (The Seal Woman, October 2022)

"Ulrike Wutscher, mezzo-soprano, displayed a lovely warm tone, strong technique and diction." Sascha Alexander (Mozart Mass in c minor with the Rosenethe Singers, Dunblane 25th November 2019)

"The strongest student work on show came from Rebekah Smith's light soprano Helena and Ulrike Wutscher's touchingly diffident Hermia..." Opera Now (A Midsummer Night's Dream, July 2015)

"This was an outstanding recital that demonstrates an enormous potential but also a musical character of charm and edibility." Final Recital, June 2015

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