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Ulrike is a highly qualified and experienced singing teacher. She studied vocal pedagogy in Vienna, where she gained her Bachelors degree in 2010 and her Masters degree in 2012; both with distinction. During her time as a voice student at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, she was trained as a choir director and has completed modules in "training for young voices", "musical education for the early age" and "musical drama".

During more than a decade of teaching she has worked with singers of many different ages, levels and abilities. Ulrike is registered as Private Music Teacher with the Incorporate Society of Musicians ISM.


Every voice and every singer is different. Leading somebody in the journey of developing her/his singing voice requires therefore an individual method for every singer. The goal is to generate a healthy vocal technique which allows the singer to sing with minimal effort for the vocal cords and bring out the maximum of an individual colour of the voice. Besides mastering breath-flow and vocal flexibility, working on musicality, stage presence and performance practice are key to a successful career in music be it on a professional level or "just for fun".

Ulrike enjoys to motivate and support singers in developing their vocal skills, expanding and exploring their repertoire and gaining more confidence.


But above all singing is fun!

Ulrike is based in Stirling, Scotland.





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